Spring is quickly approaching. It may not feel like it outside but things are happening! We will be starting perennial and rose production soon. Thousands of tags are arriving and being organized. Equipment is being prepared. Our potting-mix pile is growing. Safety training is in progress. Custom strip tags will be printed soon. Software updates are in progress. Expansion plans are being finalized & Planning for 2022 is underway. There is much to do before spring arrives!

A big change that affects our PICK UP customers is scheduling your pickup date/time. Pickups will be scheduled on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday in the AM or PM. This change will hopefully decrease the wait-time for customers. Orders need to be placed/finalized by Tuesday AM of the week picking up. Dan is leading this change in our office. He must be called at 1-800-826-7094 or emailed [email protected] to schedule all pickups.

Lastly, we HIGHLY recommend ordering any plants for 2021 sales or installations now. We are seeing an increased amount of inquiries and our availability shows it. We are expecting to sell out of many plants in early spring or sooner.  Thank YOU!