Northern Family Farms

Product Spotlights

lavender 5.17.jpg

Lavender Available!


As of today, we have Lavender Standards available. These are available for delivery (minimum order required) or pickup to our customers. We have a limited number, contact us now! 1-800-826-7094. They are in a plastic decorative pot and are at prime.

forsythia april 22.jpg

Blooming Forsythia will BRIGHTEN your day! ☀☀☀


One of the BEST & BRIGHTEST blooming ornamental shrubs in the spring is Forsythia. The golden-yellow blooms are very hardy and an attractive pop-of-color in the dull early-spring landscape. Northern Family Farms grows several varieties of Forsythia for Midwest landscapes. Pictured here is Northern Gold Forsythia- this variety can reach up to 10 feet!! 



The Hydrangea of 2019!!!


Check out Fire Light® Hydrangea. This prized selection by Proven Winners® is a summer garden must-have! The huge flower heads emerge creamy-white and change to red by fall. These hardy shrubs are easy-keepers and thrive in most locations. Can be used in a variety of ways in the landscape or potted garden. We have limited stock so place your order today! Give us a call at 1-800-826-7094.


CHECK OUT ... Bloomin' Easy®


This year we are growing a variety of Bloomin' Easy® shrubs. The shrubs are grown in a blue branded pot for extra appeal. The pots are bright and noticed by consumers along with the easy-reading colorful tags. On our availability, the Bloomin' Easy® plants are identified with (BE) after their names. The website is full of great how-to videos and hints for enjoying your shrubs. We are super excited about these top-selected, easy-care, colorful and hardy shrubs!!!