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Product Spotlights


The Hydrangea of 2019!!!


Check out Fire Light® Hydrangea. This prized selection by Proven Winners® is a summer garden must-have! The huge flower heads emerge creamy-white and change to red by fall. These hardy shrubs are easy-keepers and thrive in most locations. Can be used in a variety of ways in the landscape or potted garden. We have limited stock so place your order today! Give us a call at 1-800-826-7094.


CHECK OUT ... Bloomin' Easy®


This year we are growing a variety of Bloomin' Easy® shrubs. The shrubs are grown in a blue branded pot for extra appeal. The pots are bright and noticed by consumers along with the easy-reading colorful tags. On our availability, the Bloomin' Easy® plants are identified with (BE) after their names. The website is full of great how-to videos and hints for enjoying your shrubs. We are super excited about these top-selected, easy-care, colorful and hardy shrubs!!!

Weigela Strobe.jpg

2019 Nursery Availability!


Our 2019 Nursery Availability is ready!!! There are many NEW plants so take a look. We have a great selection of BE (Bloomin' Easy®) exclusives. They are grown in blue branded pots that your customers will love. Get inspired @





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Eye-Catching Topiaries


Looking for interesting plants for your garden center? We have a nice selection of evergreen topiaries available. Pines, Spruce, Arborvitae, Juniper, Cypress & Boxwood are ready for pick up today!