Northern Family Farms


Northern Family Farms is proud to be a HGTV® HOME Plant Collection partner. The collection offers stylish and colorful ornamental plants for the industry. Search our availability to see the great selections we grow! The plants arrive in bright green branded HGTV® pots. Consumers make an immediate connection to the brand with the merchandising P.O.P. kit. Click the images below for a larger view. From left to right: Burgundy Fire™ Weigela, Peppermint Swirl™ Hydrangea, Sugar Puff™ Hydrangea, Red Razzmatazz™ Daylily, Evening Groove™ Columbine.




Proven Winners® selects superior plants from around the world for any landscape. Search 'PW' in our availability to see the varieties we grow. For more PW information click here. The shrubs are grown in white branded pots as seen below. Click on the images for a larger view. From left to right: Little Lime™ Hydrangea, Fine Line™ Buckthorn, Bobo™ Hydrangea.



Star® Roses & Plants introduces roses and other exceptional ornamentals. Two of their most recognized series are the Knock Out® Family of Roses and Drift® Groundcover Roses. Their website also contains great how-to articles and videos on rose care. Click on the images below for a larger view. From left to right: Peach Drift® Rose, Carefree Delight™ Rose, Carefree Spirit™ Rose.



Bloomin' Easy

Bloomin' Easy® is inspiring homeowners with low maintenance & colorful plants. Their blue branded pots are sharp and identifiable.  The branded tags are engaging and simple. How-to-videos and email care reminders are great tools for new & experienced gardeners. The collection of shrubs includes 15 so far! Get INSPIRED @